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Bongs are different from other smoking apparatus like water pipes in the sense of the feeling. While using a bong the […]

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A bubbler is a smoking pipe which emits a particular sound quite similar to the hookah used in India. It is […]

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Glass Pipes

Smoking Pipes are now available in various shapes, sizes and are made of various materials. Some of these pipes are made […]

Smoking Pipes

Smoking Pipes used in modern times are quite similar to the pipes used by various Indian tribes. Smoking pipes are made […]


A bubbler is a smoking pipe which emits a particular sound quite similar to the hookah used in India. It is […]

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Water Pipes

Glass Smoking Pipes can provide you valuable information on water pipes. Water Pipes actually originated in the Ottoman Empire, of which only the country of Turkey remains in present day. In the Middle East water pipes are popular even today. Due to their ever-increasing popularity water pipes are now found in most places in the world.

Water pipes are available in various shapes and designs. You can find them in the shape of various animals like snakes and dragons; they are also available in the shape of skulls. Water pipes usually consist of a bowl on top of each pipe. These bowls are used to hold the smoking blend. The water used in the pipes acts as the filtering agent. So when the smoke comes in contact with the water some of the carcinogens are filtered, thus causing less damage to the lungs. Besides, the water also has a cooling effect on the smoke. Avoid using tobacco when you are smoking a water pipe. You can smoke the pure herb of the smoking blend of your choice. Water pipes make you feel relaxed since the smoke is drawn slowly through a hose and water.

Weed Pipes 

At Glass Pipes we provide you some basic information on weed pipes like glass pipes and ceramic pipes, etc. Glass pipes are very beautiful and serve as a good piece of collection for every smoker. This also gives an amazing taste. But glass pipes are easily breakable and so many people opt for other weed smoking pipes like ceramic etc.

These are beautifully designed pipes available in various colors, designs and types. Smoking pipes are very popular because of their resistance to damage and portable nature. So you can choose one of these pipes according to your choice and requirement.